GAMBLER DUO December 7th 2012

Earlier in the year we had the pleasure to see GAMBLER DUO perform at a weekend event. We were really impressed with their act and at that event they received 3 or 4 encores...We booked GAMBLER DUO for our Christmas event night and very pleased we did. Having started out on their journey up North at 11am they arrive down here on the South coast in time to set up and start on time. For each set, GAMBLER DUO had an outfit change and really looked smart from hats to boots.

Kicking off with "Blue night" and "Just to see you smile" the dance floor was quickly full with partner and line dancers and that is how it stayed for the evening. GAMBLER DUO continued with songs such as "Galway girl" and Geoff sung down on the dance floor with "Whenever you come around". In addition to this they danced around on the stage to add to the entertainment.

Going on to cover songs including "Boot scootin' boogie" and "Buffalo tales", Geoff also sung and danced and played guitar on the dance floor with "Like she's not yours". Pete on stage showed us some great guitar playing.

With DJ music during the GAMBLER DUO intervals, several Christmas songs were played, with western barn dancing included. We always like to see"Feel free" danced and tonight was no exception. Two long lines down the floor gained a very well deserved applause from those watching.

Back on to sing "Ring of fire" and a great cover of "Blue moon of
Kentucky", Gambler Duo wanted to just keep on till early morning and we would have continued to support that. With a short hall extention time granted, Geoff and Pete took on two encores finishing with their own signature tune "The Gambler".

>Once again, we both appreciate the wonderful support we have had at the club and all the help people give us. We look forward to an enjoyable 2013 with everyone. If you have not seen GAMBLER DUO then we can only really recommend you do. One act not to be missed. We have booked them back for 2013.

Gambler Duo_2

Thanks again Geoff and Pete for a brilliant happy night.....and, we have had a great number of comments come through from those who attended and everyone of them told us what a great performance you gave them.

Our next evening is Friday January 18th 2013 with CHEYENNE....

RYDER and JAMES October 26th 2012

Ryder and James

After the very popular RYDER and JAMES appeared at our club last December, many people asked for their return so we booked them again for this Octobers act. Although the usual Friday traffic decided to be at it's worst, Jim and Adam arrived in time to set up and sound check, aided by Rusty Douch, ready for normal start time
Tonight was our very best turn out and a number of people had made long journeys to come and see RYDER and JAMES. Covering the evening with 3 sets of songs, including of course their own special GALWAY GIRL arrangement, the floor was full with partner and line dancers. We would like to acknowledge and thank everyone for respecting good floor etiquette and making the whole evening one of enjoyment . It is always satisfying to see people come along who are new to line or partner dancing and join in as well as many people, including some new faces, who come along to listen.

Some of the other songs included were "California Blue, Good Hearted Woman, Six Days On The Road, Okie From Muskogee", great vocals on "Amanda" and a real favourite "Some Days Are Diamonds". Running over time to the two final encores and finishing with "Where Am I Gonna Live" everyone joined in for a barn dance.

As Jim and Adam will be doing a lot less travelling next year, we do all hope they will come back to our club at some time in the future.

A great night, smashing support from everyone and thank you Jim and Adam for making it work so well.

Our next evening is on Friday December 7th... with GAMBLER DUO... One not to be missed !!!!

KAY D July 13th 2012


We invited Kay D back to our club after her visit last year and in doing so knew we would be in for a great evening. KAY D had a long journey but was soon set up and ready to play. Kicking off with "Billy be Bad" and including songs "C'est la vie, Let your mama go, Feels right, Twist and Shout ,Messed up in Memphis and Every little thing" the floor was filled for all the night. With DJ music in between sets we all had a smashing time. Kay D finished with two encores, including "Home to Louisiana".

Thank you again for all the support we have at our club and we both appreciate the journeys many people make to come to the event... and thank you Kay for an enjoyable night with all our good wishes for baby and hope to see you back with us in 2013.

LOGIC June 15th 2012


We had never seen LOGIC live before and had been recommended by others to have them at our club. We had a really great night with a good attendance and the floor was full of dancers for almost all of the songs. We appreciate the journey alot of people make to be with us and also it was so satisfying to see so many of our new linedance beginners with us. By using several basic dances to suit a good number of songs they were able to join in on the floor. Good selection of tracks by LOGIC, including " I can't help it if I'm still in love with you, My heart skips a beat, Bad moon on the rise, Galway girls" and "Dance the night away". 3 great sets to make it an all round enjoyable night. 

SAPPHIRE May 18th 2012


Although we had not seen SAPPHIRE as a live act before, the reports from other clubs were all very positive so we booked them for May 18th. They provided a very good evening for us, completing three sets of enjoyable country music, some songs we had not heard sung live for quite a long time. Danny and Dawn sung, "Your so naughty, Today I started loving you again, Mexican wind and Amanda" . Other's included songs by Dwight Yoakam and Lorrie Morgan and Johnny Cash.

It was good to see how many people who came along knew Danny and Dawn from way back. Finishing with 2 encores it completed a good evening. Thanks to everyone for their continued support at our club and thank you SAPPHIRE.

CHEYENNE April 20th 2012


On April 20th we had as our live act CHEYENNE, having seen them several times before we knew they were a very popular and well respected duo. Ky and Angie sung a good selection of songs which went down very well with everyone who came along for the evening. "Copperhead Road" and "Galway Girls" suited Ky's vocals perfectly and Angie sung "Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain, I Can't Be Bothered, 1-2-3-4" and many more. CHEYENNE have a new CD out which is available from their web site (see our LINKS page) and one track, Daddy's Money, has our brand new dance written for it. A really good evening enjoyed by all and we would like to see Cheyenne back again next year. Thanks to everyone for coming along.. and to Ky and Angie.


Lynette Marie and Johnny

LYNNETTE MARIE and JONNY WILLIAMS are very popular and we enjoyed their live music on March 9th. As experienced musicians and singers their performance was very professional and they covered many songs made famous by such artists as Buck Owens, Ray Price, Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynnette to name just a few. Plenty of good tracks to line or partner dance to.   A really great evening was had by all. Once again a big thank you for the support we had with people travelling a long distance to be with us. Lynnette and Jonny completed the evening with two encores and we will look forward to them playing for us again next year.

DANIEL BERRY 10th February 2012

Daniel Berry

DANIEL BERRY was our clubs live act on February 10th  and he provide 3 great sets of songs which everyone enjoyed and throughout the evening the dance floor was full. From older to more recent tracks Daniel cover good favourites such as Some Beach, California Blue, Cherokee Boogie and One Night at a time. Although Daniel had a long delay due to a road accident on his journey, he very quickly set up and was ready to play. We are both grateful for all those who came along to support the evening, even though the weather was very cold and icy and of course to Daniel who had made this his second visit to us. Finishing with two encores we look forward to invited him back again in 2013..