KALIBRE 13th December 2013

For our last live act of 2013 we were entertained by KALIBRE. They arrived at the club in good time to set up and test all was ideal for the evening. Once again we had a very good turn out to see KALIBRE, with many couples travelling a long distance.


They opened up with “Billy be bad” and followed with an excellent mix of songs including “Today I started loving you again, Six days on the road, It only hurts me when I cry” and “Talk is cheap”.

During the sets we had DJ tracks and that included a very quick teach of the “Glengarry Shuffle” which went down a real treat. The second set by KALIBRE covered “Save the last dance for me, Don’t rock the jukebox” and a great Jim Reeves medley.


Bob Dixon, on the pedal steel guitar, played “Waltz across Texas” and for those who had not heard Bob playing before really appreciated his musical skill and experience.

With the final set all too soon with us, we danced and listened to “Another song I had to write, People are crazy, Loving all night” and “Vertical expressions”. Two encores were requested, one of which was “Stop the world and let me off” and if only we could have stopped the clock they would have played for much longer.


A truly great evening enjoyed by all and many thanks to Bob and Bob, who we would love to see returning to our club next year.

Over the last years we have been so very fortunate to see our club grow. We both do appreciate the consistent and loyal support we have had from so many people.

Everyone has been very considerate to the floor space available and respected both partner and line dancers requirements. Great acts during 2013 and many thanks to all who have played at the club.

A happy 2014 to everybody and

“Keep it Country”

Brian and Linda

DAVE SHERIFF 8th November 2013

We had seen DAVE SHERIFF earlier this year and took the opportunity to book him for our November event. Prior to that we had not seen him for a good many years and we both felt very lucky to be able to invite him to perform at our club.

As soon as word got around that Dave was to appear we had a situation where our usual venue was “overbooked” so we arranged to use an alternative hall. All too quickly our tickets were all sold.

Dave Sheriff arrived well on time (even beating us) and was set up and sound tested promptly. Dave sung in his first set “He’ll have to go, Do not forsake me oh my darling” and to fully fill the floor with dancers, his “Voulez vous danser”.

We welcomed many new faces to our club, several people travelling a long distance and staying locally overnight to be able to see DAVE SHERIFF.

For those who had not seen him before but had heard a lot about him, it was a great treat for them. DAVE will count in the start for the dancing and remains so smart and well presented on stage. With his talent and ability to play many instruments he is a pleasure to listen to for those who don’t dance.

DAVE continued with his new track “My friend Jack (Daniels)” and for those who did not know the dance they soon found another to fit.

With a barn dance to a medley including “Don’t fence me in” we think everyone was on the floor with two huge circles. “Galway girl, Walk the line” and “The cowboy rides away” were covered by DAVE as well. Not forgetting "Red hot salsa"

We held a raffle during the evening and everyone was very generous indeed (many thanks) and we will top up the money taken to £250 which we decided would all be donated to the local Oakhaven hospice in Lymington.
During the last set from Dave he sung “Benidorm boogie, Tango with Sheriff” and finished with, of course “Best of friends”.

Once again we do appreciate the support we get at our club, although the acoustics were not perfect at this change of venue it did allow both partners and dancers plenty of space on the floor, even though we had record attendance.

Thank you again DAVE for a very professional performance we hope to be able to see DAVE back again in the not too distance future.

Our next event is back in Highcliffe Social Club with KALIBRE on December 13th 2013.

KAY D 4th October 2013

With a floor fillingopening number of “Billy be Bad”, KAY D started her third visit to us here in Highcliffe to a well attended evening. KAY D has been very popular with our club and everyone was pleased to see her returning again.

Kay D_1

Kay continued with a nice covering of Lady Antebellum’s “I run to you” and in her first set she also sung, “Come dance with me, Something in the water, They call it falling for a reason” and “Mr man in the moon”.

Kay D has a lovely voice, clear vocals and knows how to read her audience. She went into her second set with an Ann Tayler number “Let your momma go” and one we dance to regularly, “He drinks tequila”. With our partners and line dancers enjoying every song, Kay followed with “Closer” also the lovely track of Miranda Lambert’s “I can’t be bothered” and “Take me home country roads”. During the sets we play a good selection of songs for partner and line dancers and also try to include a barn dance which fills the floor.

All too quickly Kay D was on her last set with “C’est La vie, 1,2,3,4”, another Ann Tayler one and then a good old “Down at the twist and shout”.

Kay D_2

Kay was requested for two encores, one of which was “Home to Louisiana” but she was not to go until she finally did a third encore. Well, we certainly enjoyed this night and with a long journey ahead of her we wished her a safe trip home. We hope to see Kay D back again with us for another quality evening.

Thanks Kay

Once again we both really do appreciate the support we have at our club, thank you everyone.

Our next event is with Dave Sheriff and anyone requiring tickets must contact us first as it is strictly admission by pre booked tickets ONLY plus we might have a change of venue.

CHEYENNE 6th September 2013

We were very pleased to welcome back to our club CHEYENNE on September 6th.

Ky and Angie had made an eight hour journey to be with us and arrived to set up well before time. CHEYENNE have proved to be very popular at our club and tonight was no exception. Smiling on stage from the very start they opened with “You can’t read my mind” and followed with Angie’s really lovely voice Shania Twain’s “Any man of mine”. With more songs including “Blue eyes crying in the rain”, Knee deep” and “ Sunny in Seattle” CHEYENNE went on to sing “Galway girl” and we believe this was the very best live version we have heard. A full floor of dancers and plenty of happy foot tapping listeners.

During the second set they covered a good variety of tracks, such as, “Harper valley PTA, Don’t tell me you’re not in love, Let ‘er rip, Tonight the heartache’s on me, T-R-O-U-B-L-E,” and “Talk is cheap”. Then a brilliant cover of Steve Earle’s “Johnny come lately” to everyone’s appreciation.

Back with us for the final set, we had “Wagon wheel, Every little thing, Two more bottles of wine” and one of my real favourites, ”Today I started loving you again”. All too soon it was time to finish and Ky and Angie were really taken aback by the applause they justly deserved. With a really good turn out tonight they were persuaded to do three encores, finally finishing with “Somebody like you”.

Thank you to everyone who comes to support us, many people travelling a long distance and we both appreciate this. As one of our loyal dancers put it “there’s good, then there’s great and then there was tonight !” Thank you Ky and Angie for a happy, professional and very enjoyable evening…Hope to see you again at our club.

GAMBLER DUO 12th July 2013


What a really great evening’s entertainment we all enjoyed with the GAMBLER DUO. We invited Geoff and Pete back after they did our December end of year event and we were not disappointed.

What so many people like about GAMBLER DUO are the smart outfits that they have, three changes during the evening and they do look grand on stage.

Geoff and Pete were already set up on stage before we arrived and opened their first set of the evening with “Heaven in my woman’s eyes” and going on to cover tracks“Galway girl, Disappearing taillights, Blue night” and “Don’t drink the water”.

Earlier in the year we listened to them sing “Goodbye in her eyes”, and it was well received. For those who dance we had taught the dance at our classes and GAMBLER DUO sang this for us. A great track and met with a great round of applause.

The first set finished with the Mavericks “Back in your arms again”. After our DJ selection of partner and linedancing tracks GAMBLER DUO were back with a good selection of songs including “Hear my song, She’s walking away, Wagon wheel, and “ Is it Friday yet”. Geoff came down off stage for several of the songs and totally captured the audience with his superb vocals and special style, so many people told us that they thought his voice was very good.

During the last set they sang “ Losing side of me, Don’t tell me you’re not in love, Messed up in Memphis” and “Another song I had to write”. We had many comment from people attending, saying “brilliant” and “so very enjoyable with such a professional duo” and "what a great performance"...

Geoff and Pete rounded things off with two encores (and would have gone on longer if possible!) one being “The Gambler” and finally “Best of friends” roping in our very popular Rusty Douch and yours truly…with a floor full to the very end !

Once again we do appreciate the great support we have from so many people, who for some, it is a long journey. We would like to see GAMBLER DUO back in the future and if you have not had the opportunity to experience their act then we would really recommend them.


Geoff, Pete, thank you for giving 100% to a smashing evening, good songs, so smart stage outfits and excellent singing and instrumentals. “ Just what we ordered”

DAVE MONTANA 7th June 2013

Dave Montana

First visit tonight by DAVE MONTANA to Western Lines CWMCandthe venue brought back good memories for DAVE who had been here some 17 years ago. DAVE was waiting for us as we arrived and then set up his equipment with care and ensured everything was just perfect to reflect his vocals and music.

Witha really great turn out tonight DAVE started his first set with a variety of songs including, "Trail of tears, I just wanna dance with you, Heaven in my woman's eyes, Messed up in Memphis, Sunny in Seattle" and "Disappearing tail lights".Many great numbers to partner or line dance to. Once again we both really appreciate the support we have at our club and the respect to floor etiquette that is maintained.

During the second set Dave sung "Heartaches by the number, Magic Moon" and "Don't tell me you're not in love" and many more.

DAVE MONTANAincluded in his last set a song "I'm from the country" which apparently was the first song DAVE sang some 20 years ago when he first started out. A good "King of the Road" had many people up dancing and the last verse was DAVE'S interpretation of Dean Martin, which we will add was very good indeed.With everyone asking for more,DAVE covered two encores and finished with "Is it Friday yet". A very enjoyable evening had by all. Thank you DAVE for a real professional performance andgreat selection of tracks and to everyone in making it another good night...

STEVE LOVETT 26th April 2013

steve lovett

What a fabulous evening we had with STEVE LOVETT as our guest solo artist. Having seen Steve several times before we had been impressed with his perfomance and choice of music and he gave us 100% on stage here at Western Lines.

Opening with his first set he sang, "You can't read my mind", "Disappearing tail lights", "Home to Louisiana" and a real favourite of ours, "Tougher than the rest".With DJ tracks between sets, we enjoyed the dance "Feel free", "Wine, Women and song" and many more to cater for all levels of dancers.

Into Steve's second set with "Mercury blues","Bug in my Margarita", "Back in your arms again" and "Buffalo tales". With STEVE LOVETT'S last set he included another Mavericks track, "The losing side of me", great vocals on "Tonight the bottle let me down", "High class lady" and "She's not you".

We are both grateful for the wonderful support we have at the club with many people travelling a long distance to get here, which is really appreciated and we had a great turn out tonight.

STEVE LOVETT is totally up to date with his songs, covering both old and new ones to keep the floor full all night with both partner and line dancers. Finishing the evening with two encores, Steve sung "Smokey places" and "Seven nights to rock".Many people told us they thought Steve was really great, professional and a pleasure to have at our club.

We look forward to a return visit by STEVE LOVETT and thank you to everyone for making it avery enjoyable night to remember.

PEDRO 22nd February 2013

Pedro 220213

Despite the very bitter wind and cold conditions we were very pleased that so many people were able to come along to see PEDRO at our February Country evening.

A lot of people make a long journey to our club and we really respect that, particularly so on winter nights. PEDRO of course, also had a long journey and arrived well in time to warm up and prepare everthing for the start of three great sets. Opening with "I just want to dance with you" he continued with " I forgot to remember to forget, Heaven in my woman's eyes, Buffalo tales" and "Closer" and several more.

PEDRO always looks smart on the stage and no exception tonight. For those who had not seen him before they were very impressed with his overall selection of songs and his good vocals. Although a string broke on his guitar during one song he very quickly re tuned and continued. During the second set songs included were "A little less talk, Country down to my soul, White rose, Baby Jane, Where am I gonna live" and "Tomorrow".

As usual DJ tracks played between breaks and all too soon it was time for the final set. With "High class lady, Long black train, Sunny in Seattle" and "Children" PEDRO was asked to do two encores...finally finishing with "You'd better move on".

Pedro_2 22022013

Once again a really great atmosphere, an excellent artist, dancing for partner and line and all with a very good balance of songs.

Thank you PEDRO for an enjoyable evening and we look forward to seeing you back in the future. Thank you again for all the support we have from everyone. Our next evening is with Steve Lovett on April 26th.