Gambler Duo, December 14th, 2014

With our last event of 2014 we were delighted to welcome back for their third visit to us - GAMBLER DUO.

Gambler Duo

Geoff and Pete are very firm favourites with us and once they started their show they just made it so enjoyable and never wanted to finish !  

Starting their first set with “Almost Jamaica” and continuing with “ Don’t tell me you’re not in love, High class lady” and the popular song “Invisible” to which we do a very nice partner dance. Throughout all the sets, GAMBLER DUO played a good selection of songs which where suitable for those who wished to dance.

 The second set included “Heartaches and honky tonks, This is me missing you, Hear my song, Tougher than the rest” and many more. Geoff and Pete have a change of outfits for each set, and tonight arrived on stage dressed as Father Christmas.

They always look very smart and Geoff has the ability to come down off the stage on to the floor and sing, play and dance at the same time, creating a really great atmosphere.

Into the final set, GAMBLER DUO played “Same thing happened to me, Messed up in Memphis”  and then bringing Rusty Douch on to the stage he joined them to sing some Christmas carols.

Gambler and Rusty


Although Geoff and Pete were more than willing to carry on all night we just had to close the evening and they did this with “The Gambler”.

With the hall filled with Xmas decorations and lights, a super act with GAMBLER DUO and most of all, the people who have really supported us again during 2014, it was a night to remember for some time.

We plan to see Geoff and Pete again for another Xmas evening in the future and if you have not seen them then we can recommend them for a good act.

A really big Thank You to everyone and a Happy 2015…..keeping it country.
Brian and Linda.

Kay D November 14th, 2014

What a real pleasure it was to welcome back to our club once again KAY D.

Kay D 2014

Kay arrived after a 5 hour journey and without any problem set up all her equipment on stage very quickly. With a sound check in place she was ready to start her first of three sets for us. Opening with “Billy be bad” and continuing with more floor fillers including “This is me, Messed up in Memphis” and one of several Ann Tayler tracks she covered, “1,2,3,4”. Also within the first set Kay D sang “Something in the water, I run to you” and “Loving all night”.

With our usual DJ tracks between sets there were plenty of tracks to either partner or line dance to. Once again we appreciate the floor etiquette that our loyal dancers respect given that we cover both options of dancing.

Kay D went into the second set with “Blue rose is, Talk is cheap”, “A little bit gypsy another Ann Tayler track “Let your mama go”. Kay told us she would like to sing one song that was her introduction to line dancing and that was “Black coffee”….sung beautifully.

A raffle was held by our friends Viv and George who raffled a Pudsey Bear, which Viv had knitted, for Children in need.  A total of £110 was raised….Well done and thanks to everyone.


With the final session, Kay continued with her wide choice of material, “Knee deep, “You can’t read my mind” and “People are crazy”.  Kay was cheered into doing 2 encores, one being “Consider me gone”. However, nobody wanted Kay to leave the stage and although running overtime, Kay did one last number for us.

Kay D 2014

We were told by one of our very loyal dancers  “Kay D is terrific and I really like her whole act - her singing voice, music she plays, her personality. She is the whole package”……. Well, we cannot argue with that!!

So popular and a great solo act…Thank you Kay for a really smashing evening and thank you to everyone who comes along for your full support..


Kalibre 17th October, 2014

With Kalibre appearing back at our club we knew we would have a good crowd and we certainly did. We are very fortunate indeed to have so many loyal supporters and many who travel a very long distance to be with us.

Having had to replace part of their sound equipment during the morning and then get to us for the evening it was a race against time to get set up and complete sound checks for them.  But, in their true professional way, Bob and Bob got everything in order to give us a first class super evening’s entertainment. 

With songs old and new, including “Same Thing Happened to Me”, “Poor Boy Blues “ and  “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross your Mind” the floor was very full from one set into another.  Bob’s solo of “Waltz across Texas” could be listened to several times.

“Disappearing  Taillights”, “The Fireman” and “Walk on bye” were covered as the evening went on.  With both partner and linedancers on the floor we do appreciate the excellent floor etiquette that we have at the club.  So many songs are danceable to both partner and line including “Billy be Bad” and “Talk is Cheap” which were also covered by Kalibre.

As expected, no one was going to let Kalibre finish without an encore, which turned into three. With the clock stopping the evening we can really say we all enjoyed an excellent performance from Bob and Bob. We do hope to see Kalibre back yet again for another night in the near future and once again thank you to everyone for making it another night to remember.  


Chris Harris 13th September, 2014

Chris Harris was making his first appearance at our club with just a few days notice due to an unfortunate and unavoidable cancellation by our planned act.

We had seen Chris before as a solo act and been very impressed with his style and overall performance and tonight was no exception.


Chris arrived well in time and quickly set up ready to complete three sets for us. Singing “This is me missing you, Cabo san Lucas, Galway girl” and “Just to see you smile” in the first set the floor was full from the start and dancers really enjoying the choice of tracks.

During the second and third sets Chris Harris included “King of the road, If you’re going through hell, Tougher than the rest”, a great lively version of “Ol’ lonesome me”.  “So you don’t have to love me” was sung so very well and Chris’s skill on the guitar was superb.


 With time running out no one would let him leave the stage without an encore, which turned into three encores, Seven nights to rock” being one of them.

 Tonight we had visitors from Germany who teach line and partner dancing and they just loved it here at our club, making notes of many tracks and dances to use back home. Once again a big thank you to everyone who comes along to support the club and for the distances people travel to be with us.

 We would love to see Chris Harris back at the club again very soon and thank you Chris for stepping in at the last moment and giving everyone a really enjoyable night with a good mix of country music.. great!

 Our next evening is on October 17th with Kalibre


Centerfield 18th July, 2014

It was not that long ago that we were all being blown around with high winds down here on the south coast but today was probably the hottest day of the year so far. With a very warm evening looming it might well have been feeling too hot to dance, but once again we had great support at the club for the evening with CENTERFIELD.


We had not seen or heard of CENTERFIELD until some months ago so this was a new group to us. They arrived well in time to set up and be ready for their first set which started with their mascot song, John Fogerty’s “Centerfield”.  Other tracks covered were “Under your spell again, Excuse me, Be my baby tonight” with another John Fogerty number, “Don’t you wish it was true”.

We always cover the set breaks with DJ songs and include dances for both line and partners which kept the floor very busy.

Into Centerfield’s second set with “Another good reason not to drink, Silver wings”, one of our favourites,  plus  “ Just call me lonesome” and finishing this set with “Dance the night away” being one of the six  Maverick songs they sung.

Although we had booked Centerfield as a trio, Chris did explain that unfortunately their lead guitarist was not well enough to make the journey.

However, during the final set Rusty Douch, who is a loyal supporter of our events, was invited to join Chris (on rhythm guitar) and Alan (on keyboard) on stage which he did to sing for us “Love’s gonna live here again”. Rusty was well appreciated and received a well deserved round of applause.  Thanks Rusty!


With the last two songs being “Wagon wheel rock” and “The losing side of me” we closed an enjoyable and very warm evening.

We hope Centerfield have success for the coming years and we also thank everyone for coming along to the club. We had some new people attend and we appreciate the long trips made by many.

Our next event is September 12th with CHEYENNE. 


Clear Cut June 6th, 2014

Our guest act for June was CLEAR CUT. Don and Darren, father and son duo, joined us for what turned out to be a really great evening’s entertainment of country music.  Plenty of dancing both line and partner and for those who visit to listen then certainly no disappointment there either.


CLEAR CUT set up well in time to open their first set with “Heaven in my woman’s eyes” followed by “On the road again, Old flames, Messed up in Memphis” and one we love, “Here in the real world”.  Rounding off this set we had “Louisiana on Saturday night” and “Sea of heartbreak”.

With our usual DJ music between all sets we danced to a good selection of songs to suit both partner and line dancers and Glengarry shuffle is always a favourite.


In the following two sets Don and Darren sung “Speak to the sky, On the other hand, The cowboy rides away, Galway girl” to mention a few. Darren played to a full house his version of “Il Silencio” and was given a well deserved round of applause.

After completing many more, including “Swing city” and “Mercury blues” the time had come to have to say goodbye. CLEAR CUT were not allowed to leave until they had done two encores and had time allowed been requested for more !


It is true to say that Don and Darren were really popular at our club and also very well respected for their excellent all round performance and thoughtful choice of songs. As several people told us there was something for everyone.

Once again we had full support from so many people who have been loyal to our club, travelling long distances to be here. We also had one or two new faces tonight and they told us they will be back.  We must also mention that to see the partner dancers enjoying the dancing is a real pleasure and several dancers commented that they would like to learn partner dancing.

All we can say is, KEEP IT COUNTRY and you can really have a good evening either partner, line dancing or listening.

Thank you Don and Darren for the great evening and hope to see you back with us again and many thanks to everyone for your continued support…

Next event is July 18th with CENTERFIELD.


TJ Duo April 25, 2014

We were very happy to welcome to our club TONY and MATT who are part of the RIDGEWAY COUNTRY BAND.

TJ Duo_1

      After setting up they started their first of three sets with a good selection of songs including both “Streets of Baltimore” and Streets of Bakersfield”.  With both partner and line dancers sharing the floor we were able to dance to every song sung. “Guitars and Cadillac’s”  and another Buck Owens number “Act Naturally” were well liked. “C’est la vie” finished the first session and we enjoyed plenty of good country music tracks being DJ’ d before and between each set.

TJ Duo_2

        With TONY and MATT returning for the second session they continued to cover some Maverick songs, and  also “ Just call me lonesome, More of you, Blue moon of Kentucky, Jukebox on my mind” and “Tonight we might just fall in love again”.  “Turn it on, turn it up, turn me loose” went down very well.
Their final set took us into “All you ever do is bring me down”, ”Stop the world and let me off”, “Singing the blues” and then on to three encores including “Please help me I’m falling”,  “Take it easy” and “He’ll have to go”.

TJ Duo_3

Good vocals throughout the evening, great atmosphere, really good country music and such great support from everyone.

Once again our thanks for the long journeys people make to be with us and for how everyone makes the club an enjoyable event.
TONY and MATT told us it was really worth the trip they made to be with us, which we appreciate. Hopefully we will see them again at our club in the RIDGEWAY COUNTRY BAND.

Our next event is JUNE 6TH with CLEAR CUT.


STEVE LOVETT  March 7, 2014

Last April, 2013, we had a great evening’s entertainment from STEVE LOVETT and we invited Steve back for 2014.  STEVE arrived well in time and even had a chance to look across to the I.O.W. from the cliff top at Highcliffe before the evening started.


We had a great turn out from our regular people and once again some new faces.  STEVE LOVETT started off his first set with “Wagon wheel” and continued with numbers including “ Billy B bad, Another song I had to write, Heaven in my woman’s eyes, Building bridges, Mercury blues” and “Same thing happened to me” a John Prine track. Once again all the songs Steve sang kept the floor full all the time.

In the second set STEVE covered Kacey Musgraves “Silver Lining” perfectly. Whilst many people knew the line dance we also had the partners dancing their version to this song.  STEVE went on to sing “You can’t read my mind, Smokey places” Alan Jackson’s “So you don’t have to love me anymore” and “Galway girl”.

In between sets we always have DJ music and together with our live act it maintains a great atmosphere.


STEVE LOVETT came to his final set and sang ”Would you go with me, Stripes” and “She’s not you”. With “Heartaches and honky tonks” included we came towards the end of the evening and STEVE was requested to do 3 encores and still being asked for more! With “High class lady” and “Country down to my soul” he finished with the George Strait number “You look so good in love”.


There is no doubt STEVE LOVETT is a firm favourite here at Western Lines and we have booked a return visit in 2015. A great selection of songs from old to new and such a professional performance both with his guitar accompaniment and his singing.

Big thank you for all the support on the evening and we had people making  long journeys to be with us which is appreciated.

Our next event is on April 25th with TJ Duo.


RONNIE DEL RIO, February 7th 2014

The weather forecast for down here on the South Coast could not have been worse, gales of up to 80 mph and more rain. However, once again we had full support with a great turnout of dancers and listeners who were prepared to come out to see RONNIE DEL RIO.


We had not seen RONNIE before but had read and heard reports that he is a very good act. RONNIE arrived in good time to set up and opened his first set with “Kelly’s Cannibals” and went on to include some popular songs such as “Talk is cheap, Messed up in Memphis, Is it Friday yet?” and “Disappearing taillights”.  He also sang “I need more of you, Summertime blues“ and “Please help me I’m falling”.

After some DJ music RONNIE DEL RIO returned for a good second set with “You can’t read my mind, All my ex’s live in Texas” and Okie from Muskogee”. RONNIE went on to sing, without any musical accompaniment, “Forty shades of green” which was very well received. In this second set he also sang a very old beer drinking song of Hank Williams that Hank had written, I believe, in about 1951, “ There’s a tear in my beer”.

RONNIE DEL RIO was very smart from the minute he walked on to the stage and had an outfit change for each of the three sets. He came down to the front part of our stage to sing most songs. Many people told us he has a great voice and always smiling as he entertains.


Starting off the final set with his saxophone he played “Blame it on the Bosa Nova” following up with his singing  of “Back in your arms again, Dance the night away, Achy Breaky Heart” and “Mercury Blues”.

Time had just about run out as we danced to “Galway girl, People are crazy” and his encore of a Jim Reeves medley.

We are sure RONNIE would have liked to continue as would the dancers and listeners, but the clock had ticked too far. RONNIE, thank you for a very good mix of songs tonight that were well received and very much enjoyed.


Once again our big thanks to all who support us, very much so when the weather is not on our side. 

Our next event is with Steve Lovett on March 7th…


DANIEL BERRY, January 10th 2014

For our first evening in 2014 we welcomed back, for the third time, DANIEL BERRY.  Daniel has been a popular person at our club and what a delight to see him performing so well over his three sets.


Opening with Toby Keith’s “You can’t read my mind” and followed by “Turn it on, turn me up, turn me loose” the floor was full immediately.  With “One night at a time”, “Heartaches by the number” and “Good hearted woman” included, everyone was really enjoying his selection of songs. A western barn dance for “All my ex’s live in Texas” and several more songs to dance to, such as “Where am I gonna live” and “Some beach” the first set was a real hit with everyone. During the set breaks we had DJ tracks for partner and line dancers to enjoy, one of which was a special request for “Husbands and Wives”. 


Over the following two sets DANIEL BERRY sang a good variety of songs ranging from, “Cherokee Boogie, Past the point of rescue, On the other hand, People are crazy” and Faron Young’s “ I couldn’t leave you if I tried” . Daniel told us all he had named his son after Faron.

One of those nights that you just do not want to end, but with a great applause DANIEL BERRY went on with two encores, both Gord Bamford tracks, “Is it Friday yet” and finishing with “Disappearing taillights”.


DANIEL has a great stage presence and happy throughout the evening, no delays, one good song followed another all night long. If you have not seen DANIEL yet then, in our opinion, he is well worth a booking. 

Thanks DANIEL for a smashing evening and hope to see you back with us for a fourth visit soon.

 Once again a big  thank you for all the support we have at our club and the way partner and linedancers work together on the floor.

Our next evening is on February 7th with Ronnie Del Rio.