Clear Cut 11th December 2015

For our last event for 2015 we had Clear Cut as our invited act, Don and Darren had been to us before in 2014 and were very well liked and we had a good turn out for this our Xmas evening event.

clear cut 2015_1


Clear Cut had travelled down from Leeds on the day, which took all of 6.5 hours however, all set up well on the stage well in time for the first of three super sets.

Starting off with 18 yellow roses and then including Silver wings, All you ever do is bring me down, Old flames and Heaven in my woman's eyes, we had a good selection of old and new songs all night long. With really good vocals and their talent as musicians we also enjoyed during the evening more favourites as Galway girl, Copperhead road, Messed up in Memphis and Mercury blues were played.

We are very fortunate to have both partner and line dancers coming along as very loyal supporters and we both would like to say another thank you to everyone for creating a super atmosphere at the club and making it what it is.

Clear Cut 2015_2


Don and Darren completed their last set with Fly like a bird, Cabo san Lucas, Folsom prison blues and California blue. Finally, with two encores we had to say goodbye, but, sure we will see Don and Darren again back with us in the future.

During 2015 we have had really great artists visit us and hopefully been able to strike the right balance between old and new country and please everyone.

Thanks again to all, Happy New Year and look forward to more good country music events at Western Lines in 2016.

Rancher 13th November 2015

We were really looking forward to Rancher visiting our club this month. This was the first time John had accompanied Steve Lovett down here at Western lines.



A full house is what we had for a really superb evening's entertainment from start to finish with Rancher. Having arrived well in time and set up on the stage it was a super selection of songs starting off the first set with Corn don't grow and then including, Places I've never been, It must be love, New shade of blue, Somebody like you and Mercury blues.

Steve is so experienced on the guitar and with John rocking on the double bass, they had the vocals and instrumentals just perfect keeping the floor full all night long.

Just the right choice of songs and with a pick of old, new and slow or fast it demonstrates Ranchers ability to be able to sing anything asked of them.

Into sets two and three with Nathan Carter's Good luck to the girl, Dreaming with my eyes wide open, Mile shy of paradise, Little yellow blanket, If I said you had a beautiful body, They call me the breeze, King of the road and many, many more.

We had nothing but full praise for Steve and John and even with a fully packed dance floor everyone wanted to either partner or line dance to every song.



At the end of the final set Rancher had so much applause they had to increase their two encores to four, finally finishing with Seven nights to rock.

During the evening Viv collected a total of '120 for children in need, with a raffle for Pudsy Bear that she had knitted and a Father Christmas. Thank you for the support on this.



Once again we would like to thank everyone for their continued support at Western Lines and we do appreciate the journeys made by many people.

Nice to also see some new faces here tonight and we hope and believe everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event. Steve, John, smashing night, you really worked hard and professional in all aspects. We are looking forward to seeing you again in July 2016.

Keep it country

Ronnie Del Rio October 16th 2015

Very good to see a return visit to our club by Ronnie Del Rio, who was all set up well in time to start with his opening number, Good Time, a song by Alan Jackson. With further songs including Some broken hearts never mend, Woman, High class lady and Crazy little thing called love, there was plenty of partner and line dancing across the floor.

ronnie del rio


Good atmosphere all evening and with two more sets by Ronnie we enjoyed numbers such as Cabo San Lucas, Lucille, Think of me when you're lonely, Laid back and low key and Messed up in Memphis.

Something included to suit all tastes and Ronnie's voice is very strong over the range of songs he chose to sing and Ronnie made an outfit change for each of his three sets.

ronnie del rio


Two encores finished the night, one being Talk is cheap. Once again we both appreciate the support we have at the club and how fortunate we are to have such loyal dancers and listeners.

Thank you Ronnie for a great night's entertainment and hope to see you again soon.

Lynnette-Marie & Johnny Williams September 11th 2015

One really great night was enjoyed by all with the very popular duo, Lynnette Marie and Jonny Williams coming to play for us.

lynnette-marie 2015_1


Jonnny and Lynnette had been in Scotland the night before to see Jerry Lee Lewis live and had travelled all the way back to the South coast and encountered a vehicle breakdown on route as well. How they managed to arrive in time and set up so very quickly was unbelievable.

Opening their first set with ' Stop the world and let me off' followed by 'Blue Kentucky girl, Silver threads, 18 yellow roses' and 'Good hearted woman' the floor was full then until the final number.

We had four lovely ladies in tonight who were here on holiday from Chesterfield and a couple from Hertfordshire and they all really loved the atmosphere at the club and the music selection.

After a d.j. session Jonny and Lynnette went into their other two sets with 'Seven nights to rock, I walk the line (revisited), Satin sheets' and 'Mercury blues'. Lynnette and Jonny then played 'Act naturally' which we could dance our 'see me in the movies' to. Another nice song was 'No traffic out of Abilene'. Really love to hear the good songs sung and they covered Heather Myles 'Who did you call darling' and then, 'Lonesome me, Crazy arms' and 'Wild side of life' amongst many others.

lynnette-marie 2015_1


Once again we do appreciate the support and following we are privileged to have at our club and the long journeys that some people make to be with us. As Lynnette said on stage, it is a pleasure and joy to hear country music being played and enjoyed at our club and that people can line or partner dance to almost every song. With two encores from Jonny and Lynnette it was a shame the night had to finish.

We all thank you for a super evening, great music and we really look forward to your return in the future andKeep it country.

TOLEDO 7th August 2015

For our summer evening event we invited Toledo to our club, John and Rusty, all ready for the start of a very enjoyable night. Rusty has always supported our evenings as a listener and whilst most people know Rusty they had not heard him sing and play and along with John their vocals blended very well together covering a good variety of songs. We are local to John and it is good to see him at our club.

Toledo 1


John and Rusty opened with “all my ex’s live in Texas” and followed with “trail of tears, same thing happened to me” and “just to see you smile” and also included in their first set was “blue moon of Kentucky”, with John and Rusty alternating on vocals as well as singing together.

After our d j interlude, Toledo continued with ”Galway girl, tall, tall trees, high class lady” and “hey good looking”.

Toledo 2


A very enjoyable “forever an April fool” started John and Rusty’s final set with “dance the night away, people are crazy, they call me the breeze” and one of my very favourities, “silver wings” all following.

As John told us they could sing all night and are able to cover a great number of tracks, unfortunately we had to finish the evening and John and Rusty left us with “mercury blues” to sing on the way home.

John and Rusty worked hard to make the evening enjoyable for everyone and they both thanked everyone for supporting them.

Toledo 3


We had not done an August event before and do appreciate the support we have at the club, our thanks to everyone.

Our next event is September 11th with Lynnette Marie and Johnny Williams.


ROB 'T' 11th July 2015

After a long drive and having got held up for some time on the M25 Rob T arrived in time to set up and ready to start his three sets for us.

Rob T 2015_1


Starting off with “Billy be bad” and “George Strait’s I just want to dance with you”, Rob also covered “King of the road, Cabo san Lucas” and “Take these chains from my heart”.

Rob T 2015_2


Whilst we did not have a full room tonight, many people being on holiday, we very much appreciate the continuing support we have from our very loyal supporters..

Rob went on to play a very varied selection of songs, which went down well along with old favourities, “California Blue, Act Naturally, You can’t read my mind” and “I wonder in who’s arms”. In between sets we have DJ music that gave everyone a chance to dance, whether line or partner dancing. “Okie from Muskogee”  started Rob’s final set, included also was “Fly like a bird,These boots are mad for walking” and “Stop the world and let me off”.

Rob T 2015_3


Two encores finished the evening off, with Rob doing his “Rocking all over the world”.

Thank you for a really good evening’s entertainment Rob and look forward to seeing you again.  

ALAN GREGORY 5th June 2015

We had all been waiting a long time to see Alan Gregory at our club and we had a full house here in Highcliffe to welcome him. Alan arrived well in time and ready to start off with 'here comes my baby' followed by 'talk is cheap' and then 'you can't read my mind'.

Alan Gregory 1


'Memories are made of this' was next and also included in the first set was a super selection of songs such as ' back in your arms again, honky tonk life, high class lady' and 'little yellow blanket'. Alan has a great stage personality and can give alternative dances under his 'plan B' so that everyone has a chance to dance.

A variety of songs are played in between sets and this gives an opportunity for our partner dancers to cover some of the dances that are not so often played or sung.

We had quite a few people with us who had never seen Alan Gregory before and everyone told us how much they were really enjoying his act and his infectious enthusiasm. During set two and three Alan covered, 'it must be love, silver lining, dream lover, the shoebox' and one of his favourites 'I can dream' which was well liked.

Alan Gregory 2


We were so very pleased that Alan especially sang 'cold cold heart' and we were able to dance the correct dance that we choreographed especially for Alan several years ago.. thank you Alan for doing this number.

Well, we all could have listened or danced to Alan all night long and probably would have continued for another hour or so but time caught up with us. True to say everyone absolutely loved and enjoyed the evening, with Alan playing two encores, 'this is me' and finishing with 'Johnny b good' as we filled the floor dancing to 'just for grins' and Alan dancing up on the stage as well.

Alan Gregory 3


A big, big thank you to everyone for managing on a floor that was pretty full to say the least, being very supportive once again to our club and for just having a super nights entertainment with Alan Gregory and of course, thank you Alan, for all the fun you gave us tonight, whether under 'plan A or plan B !' you sure know how to give such a good balance of music and it was a great performance all round we do hope to see you at our club again

DARREN JONES 8th May 2015

When we attended a recent country music showcase event at Lakeside run by SYLVAN Entertainments, we saw DARREN JONES and were very impressed with his performance so we made a booking for our May event.

Darren Jones


Darren arrived well before start time and completed sound checks and set up, including a backdrop flag on stage and started his first set with 'Galway Girl'. What a warm welcome Darren got for this and it really kicked the whole evening off superbly. Darren went on to include so many popular songs, 'Same thing happened to me, Two more bottles of wine, Trail of tears, It must be love' and 'Children'. The floor remained full with both partner and line dancers throughout the evening which was a reflection of how popular Darren was at our club.

After a short DJ session Darren completed two more sets and sang an excellent range of songs. 'Take it easy, Don't close your eyes, Honkytonk life, Southbound train, Sunny in Seattle, Baby likes to rock it, Shadows of my mind' and many others.

Darren Jones


We have always liked 'So you don't have to love me anymore', an Alan Jackson song and Darren covered this so well. We believe everyone enjoyed his performance and with 4 encores we did not want the night to finish.

If you have not seen DARREN JONES then we would highly recommend him, a good selection of songs, at a good pace.

Darren Jones

Thank you for a really great evening Darren and a big thank you to everyone who comes to support the club and create a real good atmosphere.

Our next event is Alan Gregory which is now sold out and entry only by pre- allocated tickets.

DAVE MONTANA, 8th April 2015

Everyone enjoyed another evening of dancing and listening with the return visit to our club from DAVE MONTANA.

Dave Montana


Dave does not have too far to travel and is familiar with our Highcliffe venue as he first performed here many years ago. Dave opened up with popular songs, “Loving all night” and  “Trail of tears”, both being good tracks to dance to.

ALSO Included in his first set were, “Heartaches by the number, Where corn don’t grow” and “ Blue moon of Kentucky”.

Between sets there is always plenty of tracks played that are suitable for our partner and line dancers and tonight was no exception.

Dave Montana


Dave Montana continued into the second and then final set with “Messed up in Memphis, She’s over you, Woman” and ”King of the road”

Plenty of requests for Dave to do, two encores which then finished off a good night’s entertainment. We do appreciate the super support we have here at Western Lines club and thank everyone for making the journey to be with us.

Dave Montana


Our next event is Darren Jones on May 8th and our June evening with ALAN GREGORY is SOLD OUT and entry is by pre booked tickets only.


STEVE LOVETT, 6th March 2015

Another  very enjoyable evening down here on the South coast with a return visit from  STEVE LOVETT.  When Steve appeared last year with us he was very very popular and we had no doubts this would be the same tonight. Steve arrived well in time and made the ¼ mile down the road to take a look out to sea before setting up.

steve lovett 1

Starting his first of three sets with Travis Tritt’s   “Where corn don’t grow”, STEVE then continued with “Honkytonk life, One way ticket, It must be love” and several more. We found  STEVE  was really very much up to date with songs that we are using for some of the latest dances and this kept the floor busy and dancers very happy.

Between sets we have DJ music and as much as possible try to include tracks that are for either our partner dancers or line dancers, or of course, suitable for both styles.

steve lovett 2


We did make several requests to STEVE to play particular songs, which he did without any hesitation and this was really appreciated. One was “Peaceful easy feeling”, the Eagles track and how well this was sung and played, thank you STEVE.

During the second and third sets, STEVE included such songs as “ A fool such as I, King of the road, They call me the breeze, Anything for love” and “Gentle on my mind”.  He also got almost everyone up for a barn dance during the evening.

We were very fortunate and appreciated the almost  full house we had tonight and the very professional way everyone respects the floor etiquette when combining partner and line dancing.  We believe everyone enjoyed STEVE’S choice of songs and of course was “requested” to do two encores, one being “Country down to my soul” and finally finishing with “Smokey places”

steve lovett 3


A great nights entertainment from a very professional artist, we are looking forward to later in the year when STEVE  returns to us as part of the duo RANCHER and again as a solo act in 2016. 

Once again, our thanks to all the support people give the club and the great atmosphere they create.  Could not ask for more !


BLACK STEEL, 6th January 2015

We have been looking forward for some time now to the first visit to our club by BLACK STEEL. Tonight was one of the coldest evenings with the wind chill factor as well, however, we were so very pleased and grateful we have such a loyal and supportive number of people who were willing to come out and welcome Jim and Bob on stage.

Black Steel

 Setting up on stage and all ready to kick off on time, Back Steel opened up with their first number being “One night at a time”. Moving on, Bob sang “Heaven in my woman’s eyes, You can’t read my mind, Past the point of rescue” Corina Corina” and as Bob asked everyone to join in with some singing, they played “Galway girl”

Into the second set, with Jim alternating between pedal steel, guitar and fiddle, the floor filled up again with our partner and line dancers, dancing to “High class lady, People are crazy, Bad moon rising, The fireman” and “Messed up in Memphis”.

Black Steel

We had so many good comments about Jim and Bob, one that a lot of people mentioned was not only what a good a voice Bob has but how they can hear every word he is singing. We totally agree with that.

More popular tracks included in their final set, such as “I just want to dance with you, Back in love by Monday, Wagon wheel” and “Mercury Blues”.  

Once again it was really nice to see some new people coming to the club for the first time this evening and a big welcome to them. We do believe there are many people who still love their country music and want to support it and hopefully we can meet this need here at Western Lines and of course we very much appreciate all the acts that travel long distances and late night finishes to be able to perform at clubs and events..

Black Steel

Black Steel were applauded into doing two encores, one of which was The Eagles “Girl from yesterday”.

Really great evening, super support, thank you to all, plus excellent instrumentals and vocals form Jim and Bob who we hope to see again at the club.


DANIEL BERRY, January 2015

We were very pleased to welcome back for his fourth visit to us the always popular DANIEL BERRY. Having set up on stage in very quick time Daniel kicked off with “You can’t read my mind” following with such tracks as “Loving all night, Tempted” and “Vertical Expressions”.  Plenty to dance to as well with “Billy be bad, Talk is cheap, People are crazy” and George Strait’s “The chair”

daniel berry 2015

 Daniel always gives a really great performance and he has a real bounce in all his songs with a very good voice as well. Many people remarked on his singing of “California blue”…excellent. After the short break with our DJ music Daniel continued with some very popular tracks including James House’s “This is me missing you”, Travis Tritt’s  “Where corn don’t grow” and “Same thing happened to me”. 

daniel berry 2015

As we entered into the last set, Daniel included “Heartaches by the number, High class lady, Heaven in my woman’s  eyes” and “Sunny in Seattle” which is  good to hear that this song is still being covered by artists. The really lovely song of Alan Jackson called “So you don’t have to love me anymore” is one we are particularly fond of.  
It was really nice to see some new people coming to the club for the first time evening and a big welcome to them and as usual our real appreciation to all those who come along to support the club and we are very grateful that we have a good following…Thank you.

daniel berry  2015

Daniel was applauded into doing two encores, finishing with “T-R-O-U-B-L-E”.  A great evening and we hope to see Daniel Berry back with us for his 5th visit next year.