We were very pleased to welcome to our club for the first time Stonecold Country. Ray and Steve were setting up on stage when we arrived and after their sound checks were all ready to go.

We had anticipated a good turn out and that was the case with a big welcome to those who joined us for the first time.

stonecold country 2016_1

Stonecold Country are a very popular duo and well suited to play both older and new country for us which allows both partner and line dancers to share the floor and also their choice of songs are very enjoyable to listen to.

Starting into their first set they covered a good mix of songs, blue rose is, you cant read my mind, snap your fingers, talk is cheap and one of the most popular current tracks gypsy queen.

Great instrumentals from Ray and Steve, plus very clear vocals. Following our usual dj section they were welcomed back on stage for two further sets which included first fool in line, closer, call me when its over, little yellow blanket (this song is proving to be very popular) love her for a while and white rose filling station.

During the evening Viv and Suzanne held a raffle for a Pudsey Bear and dvd with all proceeds going to children in need. They collected £110, so a big thank you to everyone for supporting this charity.

stonecold country_2

All too soon we reached the final songs of the evening, with two encores, well deserved, they sang seven nights to rock. Pity the evening had to finish, thank you Ray and Steve for a really enjoyable show and many thanks once again to everyone who continues to support Western lines and to many who travel a fair distance to be with us.

We would also like to thank everyone in maintaining good floor etiquette as we run a full floor and have both partner and line dancers sharing.

Yep, keep it country and our next event features Gambler duo on December 9th.


We were very pleased to see a return visit to our club with Cheyenne, one of our real favourities.

But it was pretty worrying to start with as Ky and Angie arrived some 2 hours before the start and after unloading some equipment from inside the car they found the boot well and truly jammed. Despite attempts to remove speakers and amp through the back seat opening and help from many people nothing could be shifted. After the AA man spent about 45 mins fiddling around the boot was released, much to the relief of us all.


Ky and Angie quickly finished setting up and were ready to start, kicking off with lay low. For their first set they also included I see me, you aint dolly and they call me the breeze.

Really great to see our very loyal supporters enjoying popular songs and able to dance to so many to keep the dance floor full.Other songs that Cheyenne covered were, if youre going through hell, any man of mine mexican wind and galway girl.

Great vocals from Angie, as usual, could listen to them all night long. We had a special request for copperhead road which Ky obliged us with..

Another very good night. We are grateful to Ky and Angie as they to managed their act so well even after a very difficult start they completed their full three sets.


Finishing with two encores, they received very well deserved applause and we will see them back with us next year.Thanks again Angie and Ky and our appreciation to everyone for supporting the club and making it what is.

DANIEL BERRY 9th October 2016

Big welcome for Daniel Berry on his 5th visit to Western Lines and we were very pleased to see him return to our venue as he told us he really looks forward to singing here.

daniel berry 2016_1

Daniel arrived well in time and all set up ready to go and had plenty of time to speak to our people and welcome them. Kicking off with his first set that included, you cant read my mind, tempted, high class lady and one of his own favourites, its four in the morning, we soon had the floor full with line and partner dancers.

Really so good to see some new visitors to our club which we do appreciate, sure they all enjoyed the special atmosphere that all the people create here.

Daniel continued after a break, which was covered by d.j tracks. He sung, honky tonk life, little yellow blanket, big blue tree and heartaches by the number.

Daniel always looks very smart and so happy performing on the stage, he has a very infectious enthusiasm that spreads right across the floor he was well able to relate to his audience and was on top form.

daniel berry 2016_2

With lay low, here comes my baby and so you dont have to love me anymore in his third set, Daniel was not going to be allowed to leave the stage until he did two encores, these were, heaven in my womans eyes and finally, guitars and cadillacs.

A great non stop dancing and listening evening and tremendous applause for Daniel who gave 100% in his performance. He will be back with us next year and many, many thanks to everyone for their support at the club and making it another night to remember.

RANCHER 8th July 2016

A great number of people were looking forward to the return visit of Rancher to our club tonight and were not to be disappointed. We had great support from our loyal dancers and those who like to listen to good music and enjoy the atmosphere.


Steve and John were on top form, as usual, and set up ready to start for their first set with little yellow blanket which immediately filled the floor and then included in this set, heaven in my womans eyes, big blue tree and Clay Walkers dreaming with my eyes wide open. With John on double bass and Steve providing good clear vocals and his excellent guitar playing we could not go wrong.

After a short d.j. session, Rancher continued with a popular selection of songs to suit everyone, including, where corn dont grow, seven nights to rock, new shade of blue and Brandy Clarks whatll keep me out of heaven

During the whole evening the floor was full and both line and partner dancers were able to find suitable dances to use if need be.


With the final set covering songs such as, king of the road (great one for John on double bass) honky tonk life, memories are made of this and gypsy queen, we reached the end of the night all too quickly.. Everyone demanded two encores from Rancher and they obliged with rock and roll is king and finishing with a full floor for high class lady.

One great night, super atmosphere, created by Steve and John who are a very popular and respected duo. Thanks for the show Steve & John and many thanks for everyones support which we really appreciate. Rancher will be back with us in July 2017dont miss it!.

CHRIS HARRIS 17th June 2016

Good welcome back for Chris Harris at our club as he is very popular and understandably so. All ready to start and set up on stage for an opening number of just to see you smile and followed in the first set by honky tonk life, billy b bad, where corn dont grow, this is me and several others.

chris harris 2016_1

Plenty of scope for both partner and line dancers to enjoy all the popular dances and easily adapt alternative dances if need be. Chris did cover both old and new songs which we like done especially as we have loyal supporters who want to listen to good country music.

After our usual dj session Chris continued with two more sets, songs included king of the road, Galway girl, when you walk in the room, thats how I got to Memphis and silver wings.

We have quite a few people who are that bit newer to line dancing and it was really good to see them joining in with dances they were not that familiar with and having an enjoyable evening. It is very import to us that we encourage new people into the country scene and support them.

chris harris 2016_2

Chris finished his last set with whos been sleeping in my bed and was cheered by all and then did three encores to a still full floor. With high class lady being one he then closed the night with vertical expressions. Super night again, thank you Chris for a great choice of songs and a professional performance, we will see you in back here with us in 2017.

Once again, a big thank you for everyone giving their loyal support to the club which we really do appreciate very much.

STEVE JAY May 13th 2016

First visit for STEVE JAY to our club and for many people they had not seen Steve before as solo or as Plain Loco duo.

Steve Jay 2016_1

Quite a warm evening to start off with although we managed to cool off the hall to an acceptable temperature before too long.

Steve was all set up and ready to start which he did with good songs to dance or listen to. His first set covered Another song I had to write, blue memory, same thing happened to me and Places.

Steve had written a really lovely song called bigger the heart and with a well choreographed dance available we were able to dance a waltz to it.

Stev Jay 2016_3

We have both line and partner dancers at the club and the selection of songs Steve sang were able to provide dancing for both these needs.

Back on the second set we enjoyed I see me, anything for love, fly like a dove, and dream lover and where corn don’t grow.

Stev Jay 2016_2

Once again we had a super turn out from our very loyal supporters which we really do appreciate and are thankful for.

Steve finished with some good floor fillers, Memories are made of this, this is me missing you, take these chains from my heart and honkytonk life. With two encores being requested Steve finally finished with I do my dreaming.

Another great evening and hopefully everyone enjoyed the good music. Thank you Steve for a good show and nice selection of songs.

Our next event is with Chris Harris on June 17th.


KAY 'D' April 22nd 2016

We were very pleased to be able to welcome back to our club KAY D. Kay had been with us several times before and proved to be very popular and well liked.

Kay D 1

When Kay was setting up and testing out the sound etc, she sang a couple of songs. In the adjacent bar room some people heard her and came to see thinking we were playing a disc, they could not believe what a lovely voice Kay D has and were most impressed.

Opening her first set with This is me missing you, followed by Messed up in Memphis, Down at the twist and Shout, Brandy Clarks Whatll keep me out of heaven and many more, including Every little thing you do and Commitment. We had very good support from our loyal dancers and listeners with sufficient selection of tracks by DJ in between sets for both partner and line dancers.

Kay D 2

In Kay D other sets she covered both older and new songs, Silver Threads, Unlove me, White rose and Love somebody like you. The tracks Kay selected were very popular ones which meant the floor was almost continually full.

As expected nobody wanted to see Kay finish but as her last encore she sang Closer which also brought the voices of most of our people into play, what a way to finish..

Kay D 3

Super evening Kay, lovely voice, a really great choice of songs and a big thanks from us all. Kay D will be back with us next year and once again thank you to all our people who really are supportive and do have to manage often a pretty full floor with both line and partner dancing

Darren Jones 4th March 2016

With a telephone call shortly before midday came the news that Double Trouble, our booked act for our evening, were unable to be with us.

With the very quick help of Sylvan Entertainments, we had Darren Jones ready to leave home and stand in for the night. We had Darren with us last year and he went down very well and was welcomed back on stage by our very grateful and loyal dancers and listeners.

Darren Jones 2016

Darren had set up before we arrived and went straight in to the first set with Galway girl. During this set he also sung Children, Same thing happened to me, It must be love and Billy b bad.

Several of our newer line dancers have been coming along to our evenings and really enjoying the atmosphere and the music. It is very important to us to encourage new people into the world of country music and line or partner dancing . It has given us many years of pleasure and it is such a social activity as well.

Darren covered in his second and final sets many popular tracks and kept the dancers busy on the floor. With Memories are made of this, Places, Tempted, Honky tonk life, So you dont have to love me any more and Past the point of rescue there was plenty of variety.

Darren was requested by everyone to do two encores and singing High class lady as one of these he then did a third song, Country down to my soul to finish off what we all said was one great, enjoyable and super night.

Darren Jones

Thank you again Darren for stepping in at such very short notice, we will see you again at Highcliffe for sure..

Once again, our sincere thanks to everyone who comes along to support WesternLines, we very much appreciate your loyality..

Tumblin' Dice 5th February 2016

Last year we had the chance to see Tumblin Dice at an event and were really taken by their act. We booked them straight away for our February evening and so glad they were able to come along

tumblin dice

Emily and David had arrived well in time and had set up on the stage early and completed all sound checks etc. Once again we were very fortunate to have super support from our loyal people.

Tumblin Dice went into their opening set with Youre looking at country, followed by Ring of fire, Walk of life, Past the point of rescue and a really lovely song, written by Emily herself, called Bye the bye.

When we first heard Tumblin dice we realised what a lovely voice Emily has, well capable of covering a whole range of songs.

Although Emily was suffering from a throat infection, she did not let us down, singing every song so well. In the following sets they played, Have you ever seen the rain, Thats how I got to Memphis, King of the road, Any man of mine and so many more enjoyable country tracks.

We hoped they would cover Copperhead road and they did, thank you.

With time running out they also put in Ill fly away and Six days on the road. Encores requested and Folsom prison was a good choice.

tumblin dice

A very good evenings entertainment and we had some new people joining us tonight. They told us that they have never enjoyed a night so much as this one and loved the selection of music both sung by Tumblin dice and played by d.j. in between sets. Once again a real big thank you to everyone for your support and to Tumblin dice.

Keep it country

Peter Barlow 'PEDRO' 12th January 2016

It was really good to be able to welcome back to our club Peter Barlow, PEDRO, as he is very popular and well respected. Although it was a very cold evening and ice and freezing temperatures on forecast we were so very fortunate to have the support that was shown tonight.

Pedro 2016 1

Pedro opened up his first set with Same thing happened to me, Thats how I got to Memphis, Anything for love and Miles and miles of Texas.

After a short DJ section Pedro continued with This is me, You are no Angel, Islands in the Stream, I see me and I just wanna dance with you. Plenty of songs to allow both partner and line dancers to enjoy the dancing.

Peter also likes to include some older tracks as well as the latest, he sung Halfway to paradise, Closer and of course the medley of From a jack to a king, Take these chains from my heart and Singing the blues

Pedro 2016 2

During the final set, Peter included Trail of tears, White rose, Wagon wheel, Loving all night and Lay low. With two encores being preceded with the song High class lady, the floor was full almost all night. A very good selection of songs, thank you Peter with everyone showing their appreciation after the final Best of friends sing along sung by Peter.

A very,very big thank you to everyone who comes along to support our club. As mentioned before, many people have a long trip to make and not always in the best of conditions. So good to enjoy a great atmosphere that is created by everyone and very good artists

Our next act is Tumblin dice.Feb 5th.