KAY 'D' 8th December 2017

A very cold evening did not deter too many people away from our December event although at this time of the year there are many other events taking place and unfortunately we have a number of people suffering from colds and this awful cough.

However, we really did enjoy a very good night’s entertainment with Kay D on stage for our last event of 2017. Kay is always very popular and what we particularly like is her choice of songs. Kay included Gypsy queen, he drinks tequila, Brandy Clark’s what’ll keep me out of heaven, lay low and love her for a while.

Kay D 2017

Courtesy Kay 'D's Agency

Kay D has a lovely voice and ensures her sets cover as many songs as possible which allows people to dance to.

During the evening we held a raffle and we raised £60 which will be donated to Julia’s house hospice for children in Christchurch.

Kay did three sets and finished with two encores, the last one being down at the twist and shout.

Thank you Kay for a super evening and for everyone in making the journey on a pretty cold evening.

Kay D 2017

Courtesy Kay 'D's Website

Happy New Year to everyone….and thanks for all the support during 2017.

SOUTHERN UNION 17th November 2017

A first visit to our club as a duo for Chris Harris and Peter Barlow performing as Southern Union for our November evening event.

Southern Union 2017

We have had both Chris and Peter several times as solo acts and both are well known and together of course they can and did provide a good selection of both older established country songs as well as newer ones including some of the most popular line and partner tracks.

They covered songs, loving you makes me a better man, Galway girl, just to see you smile, old soldiers, lay low, first fool in line, love her for a while` and a very popular one for us, poor boy blues.

Southern Union 2017

Plenty of dancing all night for both partner and line dancers very much so with the well established songs such as islands in the stream, people are crazy and high class lady.

Southern Union 2017

Two encores requested and with the final song, who’s been sleeping in my bed to finish an enjoyable night.

Our thanks again to everyone who came along to support the club and give it such a good atmosphere.

DANIEL BERRY 13th October 2017

Another visit back here for Daniel Berry to our club in October, Daniel is very popular with us all and arrived well in time and was actually set up within some 15 minutes or so of arriving.

Daniel Berry 2017

Starting off with songs, You can’t read my mind and Lovin’ all night Daniel soon had all our dancers on the floor. We enjoyed three sets from Daniel, in which he sang a good selection of both old and new songs. Included were, Dream lover, High class lady, First fool in line, Little yellow blanket, Places I’ve never been and Big blue tree.

Daniel is always smiling and so full of energy, always a pleasure to see Daniel at the club.

Daniel Berry 2017

With D.J. tracks in between sets it was a really good night. Although we were somewhat down on numbers, mainly due to people suffering from colds and also some on holiday, we did have a good mix of both line and partner dancing.

Daniel was cheered into doing two encores which he did, Seven nights to rock and finally Jai du boogie.

Daniel Berry 2017

Thank you Daniel and we will see you back with us during 2018 and of course our big thank you to everyone who comes along to support the club and the evenings here at Western Lines.

CHEYENNE 8th September 2017

Another very enjoyable evening with Cheyenne who were our guest duo act for the night, this being their fourth visit to us.

Cheyenne 2017

Ky and daughter Shayna had arrived well in time and set up ready for 3 sets. Very good selection of songs were covered, some sung by Ky and others by Shayna whose has a really lovely voice.

Starting off with Honky tonk life, they also including in this set Past the point of rescue, Strawberry wine, Lay low and several others.

Cheyenne 2017

After the first break with DJ music in between, Cheyenne continued with Galway girl, Talk is cheap, Champagne promise and one we really like here at Western Lines, Copperhead road.

All in all a super night, very much appreciated is the good support we have from our people… thank you.

Ky and Shayna finished with two encores, although we would have liked more from them but time ran out. Closer was sung so well by Cheyenne and one final barn dance to round things off.

Cheyenne 2017

Thank you Ky and Shayna for a good selection of songs and a very polished performance.

RANCHER 8th July 2017

Another very good night with the forth return of Steve and John as Rancher who are very popular with our dancers and listeners.

After a rather annoying detour on the way to us, they had set up on stage as we arrived. Pretty hot and close evening however, we had good support albeit two other events were also on this night.

Rancher 2017

Steve opened with Carnival ride, followed by Bored and during the first set covered little yellow blanket , old and grey and Somebody like you.

Rancher 2017

With John giving his usual super performance on the double bass and bass guitar we were all enjoying their music.

Rancher 2017

During the second set and final third set, Rancher covered The real deal, 2 lane highway, Rose from the sea and another great new number, don’t wake me up..

Steve and John jumped in to play requests made on the night and finished a great evening with two encores, one being their rock a billy version of high class lady and finally with Champagne promise.

Thanks for good night Steve and John and for everyone who was able to come and support the club.

Many thanks…

MARTIN JAYE 16th June 2017

Although it was a pretty warm night at Western Lines for the first visit of Martin Jaye, we were very well supported by all our regular people which we do appreciate.

Martin Jaye 2017

Martin was already set up on stage well before start time and he opened his first set with popular songs, including, just to see you smile, same thing happened to me, mercury blues and waltz across Texas.

Martin really gave a super performance during the whole of the evening and also selected songs that appealed to our dancers and listeners alike.

With two further sets he sang, love her for a while, what was I thinkin’, places, missing and gypsy queen.

As expected Martin was requested to do two encores, which in fact, was extended to three, one of which was this is me.

Martin’s vocals were very clear and his instrumental work was very good.

Martin Jaye 2017

Another good night to enjoy, thank you Martin for a good show and hope to see you again back at our club.

A big thank you to everyone for continued support and creating the atmosphere that we enjoy here.

TONY CROOKS 12th May 2017

Tony Crooks made his first visit to us for our May event and there were quite a few people who had not seen him before.

Tony opened his first set of songs with Billy be bad, Kenny Chesney’s some town somewhere, missing and baby I’m right. Tony sang all the right songs for dancers to fill the floor, both line and partners.

Tony Crooks 2017

With set two, following a dj session, Tony covered you can’t read my mind, when you walk in the room, talk is cheap and with messed up in Memphis his guitar playing was superb.

During the evening and afterwards via messages and emails, so many people said how impressed they were with his performance, both instrumentally and vocally.

When Tony returned for his final set he sang this is me, gypsy queen, champagne promise and for one of his encores, what was I thinkin’.

Although we could have listened to more, Tony had to close with his final encore, high class lady.

Tony Crooks 2017

Tony did comment he would very much like to return to our club and judging by the response from everyone we guess that is a mutual feeling. Thanks Tony for a really good evening and your selection of songs, including one called perfect picture that was really well liked.

Once again thank you to everyone for continued support and creating the atmosphere that we enjoy here.



We had a good evening in April with the first visit to our club for Streamline, Debbie and Paul..

darren jones 2017

All set up and tested in good time for three sets of popular songs for our dancers, both line and partner. These included in their first set, singing the blues, heaven in my woman’s eyes, Sam Outlaw’s love her for a while and c’est la vie.

We had many comments from people on Debbie’s lovely voice and with quite a few people having never seen Streamline before they were very impressed with the duo.

darren jones 2017

After an interval of d.j. music, Streamline continued with 2 more sets and gave a good selection of songs to please both listeners and dancers.

Whilst we had a number of our regular dancers away for the Easter break, we were very pleased to welcome several new people along to the club and they told us that they really enjoyed the atmosphere and act.

darren jones 2017

With time running out, Debbie and Paul were requested to do two encores, one being memories are made of this and finally finished with Alan Jackson’s remember when.

Thank you to everyone for their support and also to Debbie and Paul for a good all round evening of country songs.



This month we had Darren Jones, it was his third visit to our club. On the last two occasions Darren was really liked and that was certainly the case this time.

darren jones 2017

We had another good turnout which we do appreciate and some people had travelled a long way to attend just this evening, in fact one journey was for approx. 80 miles round trip.

Darren sang many of the latest country songs to please both line and partner dancers, including, same thing happened to me, gypsy queen and missing.

With two Sam Outlaw songs thrown in, angeleno and love her for a while we were able to keep the floor very active.

Darren was cheered and asked for two further encores, one being high class lady and then a really great medley of 50’s songs to which we danced a new dance, matchbox, choreographed by Mal Jones (no relation) who happened to be with us on the night.

darren jones 2017

A great and enjoyable evening all round, for dancers and listeners, everyone we spoke to said they had a really good time.

Thank you Darren and we hope to see you back at our club for a fourth time.

Finally, thanks again to everyone for your support.


SAMMI LEE BASSEY 10th Fabruary

Despite a very cold evening with every possibility of snow we were very well attended with our loyal supporters which we do really appreciate.

It was the first visit to our club by Sammi Lee Bassey and she arrived well before time and was fully set up on stage when we walked in.

sammi lee bassey 2017

Sammi has a good playlist to select from and she spent time to really make sure she sang the right songs for our clubs requirements with a good mix of old and new.

Starting off with Travis Tritt’s where corn don’t grow she also covered same thing happened to me, Ashley Munroe’s like a rose, and first fool in line.

sammi lee bassey 2017

After a dj session, Sammi returned to sing more popular songs including, little yellow blanket, so you don’t have to love me, blue rose is and gypsy queen.

There is no doubt Sammi put a lot of thought and effort into her act and made sure she gave her very best and this was appreciated. With a change of dress for each set this was another good example of her awareness to present herself in a real professional way. Thank you Sammi for a good performance, we are sure you will be well received at many clubs.

A very strong voice that is able to cover a good range of songs.

Sammi finished with two encores, country down to my soul and then high class lady. Another big thank you to everyone for making the journeys to us and we look forward to our next evening in March with Darren Jones.


MAGILL 27th January

With Magill making their very first visit to us to start off our 2017 Western Line events we were really looking forward to a great evening and that is just what we had. Derek and Dave had travelled down from Liverpool on the day to arrive with us on the south coast in good time to set up on stage and kick off with the very popular gypsy queen song. Once again it is true to say the floor filled up immediately with both line and partner dancers.

Magill 2017

Magill followed with closer and had almost everyone singing, clapping or dancing to memories are made of this and their own special medley that leads in with, she’s coming round the mountain. It must be some 20 years ago that we both saw Magill on stage and we well remember Derek sitting on a huge speaker singing this medley. Places I have never been also ensured the dancers kept their floor space along with other songs including this is me.

During the first interval we covered dances via dj that both line and partners can enjoy and although our floor space is not huge we would like to thank everyone for being considerate when both partners and line are dancing together.

We did have a waiting list for this evening and with a few late cancellations due to the seasonal colds and flu bugs we were able to invite most of the people along.

Magill 2017

In the second set Derek invited Rachael Rose to join them on stage and she sang, with her really lovely voice, both girl crush and a little bit gypsy. Rachael received a well deserved round of applause and we were very pleased she sang for us.

Derek and Dave went on to cover many popular established songs and new ones as well, Brandy Clark’s what’ll keep me out of heaven, William Michael Morgan’s missing. Red hot salsa, live, laugh, love and pick a bale of cotton all went a treat.

Magill 2017

Well, we could have listened and maybe danced, all night long. Tonight brought back good memories and demonstrated just how much we all love country music performed by excellent professionals and just how dancers and listeners can enjoy it all.

Thank you for those who joined us for the first time and we also appreciate the continued support everyone gives the club and the distance you come to be here. Derek, Dave and Rachael, we had one great night and the buzz will continue for a few more days yet…a big thank you from Western Lines.

For more photos please click the link to Western Lines 'Magill Photos' or Magill Web Site or Derek Magill Derby Web Site.