TONY CROOKS 7th December

Our last event for 2018 here at Western Lines club and we have been fortunate to have had some very good acts over this year.

It was another welcome back for our Christmas event to Tony Crooks. He is very popular and always has an up to date play list to suit all our dancers and listeners. Tony included old and new songs and with his musical talent on his guitar he made every song enjoyable.

Tony Crooks 2018

Tony started off with Billy be bad and continued with Love her for a while, Lay low and Tougher than the rest.

As usual two more sets followed and he included requests such as This is me missing you. Tony was very much engaged with the dancers as for one dance we slightly stumbled on the first steps and he was very quick to stop, make helpful comments and then we restarted.

Tony Crooks 2018

Although several other events were in full swing this weekend we are very grateful to our loyal supporters for coming out to us to make this another super evening.

Tony Crooks 2018

Thank you Tony again for giving us great value, we look forward to seeing you next year in the autumn.

Happy Christmas to everyone at Western Lines and for your contributions to ensure this is a club that provides a really good atmosphere in all respects. Another new year ahead of us and we hope to enjoy country music throughout 2019.

Best wishes for the New year.

DANIEL BERRY 16th November

A great number of people were looking forward to the return to our club for Daniel Berry. Always so very popular for his selection of songs, warming stage appeal and Daniel is so easy to work with.

Daniel Berry 2018

Daniel set up in very quick time and with the club hall undergoing decoration upgrades all looked good for the start of what was a very busy evening.

Starting off with you can’t read my mind and following up with current popular songs, whiskey bridges, there’s no gettin’ over me and vertical expressions, everyone was enjoying the dancing or just listening.

Daniel included in further sets, people are good, first fool in line, love her for a while and you don’t have to say you love me anymore.

Daniel Berry 2018

During the evening we had a raffle for children in need, with support from our members and also donations the total money raised was £150. Thank you for everyone’s support for a very good cause.

We also welcomed a visit from Tony Bartlett and Sharon Heslop who run Wagon Wheel club at Burghfield. We hope you enjoyed the club and the evening and thank you for making the trip from Berkshire.

With the end of a very enjoyable evening coming up fast, Daniel was cheered into doing two encores, covering heaven in my woman’s eyes and finally guitars and cadillacs.

Daniel Berry 2018

Once again, our big thank you for all the support we have here at Western Lines and for making it what it is…

Children in Need 2018


Another really good night with our first visit of Ray Peters Duo. Although our number of dancers and listeners were down, due to events locally clashing, we all enjoyed a professional performance given by Ray and Andy.

Ray Peters Duo 2018

They had set up well in time to start off with Talk is cheap, followed by You can’t read my mind, This is me missing you, Guitars and Cadillacs and First fool in line.

Everyone we spoke to loved their really smooth sound, great choice of music, thought through very carefully by Ray to suit our requirements and received very positive comments about the musical performance.

Ray Peters Duo 2018

With set two including Rose del mar, Vertical expressions (super!) Ride with me and Imagine that, there was enough choice of songs to satisfy both our partner and line dancers.

Last set we had, Most people are good, Speak to the sky, Old and grey and I just want to dance with you.

Ray Peters Duo 2018

We think most people could listen to Ray and Andy all night, very good act. With two encores requested to take us just over time we had Without you and lastly Waltz across Texas.

Thank you Ray and Andy for a very good evenings entertainment and we hope to see you again here at Western Lines.

Also a big thank you to everyone who supports our club and often make long journeys to be with us.


Great night to restart after our summer break with the very popular duo, Rancher. Steve and John arrived and set up on stage with a sound check all ready to start on time.

Rancher 2018

A lot of people know Steve and John and several had travelled a long way tonight to enjoy their sets and lively performance.

Although some of our regular members were on holiday we had a full floor of dancers and can say that that is how it was all night. With partners fitting in well with suitable dances that worked well with many of the newer tracks Rancher sang.

Rancher 2018

Kicking off with Whiskey bridges and then including First fool in line, Start over (Ice cold corona) and Some people are good. After a break Steve and John covered a good selection of songs one of which was Keith Urban’s Texas time which is a fairly new one on the dance floor.

Super atmosphere all night, enjoyed by all and that is down to one jolly good act and the support we have here at our club.

Pity the night had to end, however with two encores Rancher sung I close my eyes and finally their version of High class lady.

Rancher 2018

Thank you to everyone for making it a night to remember, hope to see Steve and John again soon.

KAY 'D' 13th JULY

Our last couple of evenings have been very well supported despite the hot weather and difficulties to keep the venue cool. We were most pleased to see another visit from Kay D, who is very popular and well liked.

Kay D 2018

Kay arrived well in time to set up without any bother and all ready to start with her opening number, Billy be bad. During this first set she covered Sam Outlaws love her for a while, Julie Roberts, unlove me , which we think is such a lovely number and Missing.

Kay also included Don Williams great track, Imagine that, for which there is a really nice new dance to fit called Imagine that (N.T.N.R). Good to have a dance that excludes a big handful of restarts and tags.

Kay D 2018

Kay D has a lovely voice and nice personality and is able to cover a big range of songs. We do like to listen or dance to many older numbers such as Blue rose is, He drinks tequila (one of our real favourities) Patient heart and C’est la vie. Kay song all these songs for us.

Another great track was Down at the twist and shout which brought us to the end of a very enjoyable night.

This is the 4th or 5th time Kay has been to our club and is always cheered into doing encores, Kay obliged with Lonely drum and Keith Urban’s Somebody like you.

Kay D 2018

Thank you to everyone for your support at Western Lines, next event is September 14th with Rancher and hopefully, from a dancing perspective, the weather will be cooler. Thanks Kay for a good performance and making the long journey to visit us again, hope to see you soon.


A rather warm night at our club, however, we managed well with a slight breeze coming through with some doors open. We had the first visit to our club by Kickin’ Country, and many people had not seen them before as a duo.

Kickin' Country 2018

Brian had arrived early with Sylvia, and they had enjoyed the very short walk to the cliff top and the wonderful view across the bay to I.O.W. and the Needles being visible.

Great support tonight from all our very loyal dancers and listeners, with Chris James and Brian Cox coming straight in with the song High class lady which filled the floor. They continued with just the songs we like to listen or dance to, including First fool in line, If love was a river, Things I carry around and the Mavericks, Ride with me.

A real great and happy atmosphere was present all evening and it was evident Kickin’ Country were really enjoying every minute and they gave us a super evening’s entertainment..

Kickin' Country 2018 Kickin' Country 2018

We were very pleased to welcome Sylvia, Sylvan Entertainments, to our club and she told us she was very impressed with the friendly people and the overall atmosphere of the club.

Kickin’ Country played three sets and some other songs sung were Love her for a while, King of the road, Lay low and Tempted.

Brian and Chris were very much appreciated by everyone and we would not let them finish without two encores, the last one being the lovely song, Whenever you come around.

Thank you Chris and Brian, great night, nobody wanted to go home !

Also a big thank you for the support everyone gives us, we both appreciate that very much…


We had waited a long to time secure a date with Chris Mezza at our club and several people had not had the opportunity to see or listen to him before. Chris had already set up when we arrived and doing his sound test.

Chris Mezza 2018

Although we thought we might be somewhat down on numbers at this time of the year, we did have a very good support from our very loyal dancers and listeners. Chris had everyone straight on the floor for first number, which was Josh Turner’s lay low and that is how it stayed for almost every song throughout the evening.

Chris Mezza 2018

With Chris covering tracks such as, islands in the stream, closer, countryholic , the Mavericks track, children and also a super guitar solo of ghost riders in the sky he took a short break.

During the following two sets he really did please our people with so many popular songs, including Luke Bryan’s most people are good. As we came to the end of the last set Chris was not allowed to leave to stage with the calling to do three encores, he was really so well liked by all !

Chris Mezza 2018

For the encores he covered neon moon, lonely drum and finally you should have asked her faster.

Great night, many thanks Chris, well worth our wait and really look forward to seeing you again at the club. Thank you to everyone for your support and making the journey to come along given that many of you travel a long way to be there.


Another good evening at Western Lines with the ever popular Pedro, Peter Barlow, as our solo act for the night.

Pedro 2018

Peter has visited us several times before and can cover a very big range of songs to suit most peoples taste. Arriving as usual, well on time and on top form Peter opened with Same Thing Happened To Me, following up in this first set with Old Soldiers, Derek Ryan’s Old and Grey, Mind Your Own Business, and Travis Tritts Where Corn Don’t Grow.

Peter always looks happy doing what he is doing and comments from the dancers that he sings just the “right ones”

With further songs, Islands In The Stream, Halfway To Paradise, That’s How I Got To Memphis and Rodney Atkins If You’re Going Through Hell we had plenty to dance to or listen to.

Pedro 2018

Peter worked very hard all evening and finally finished with three encores, Here Comes My Baby, Tougher Than The Rest and High Class Lady.

Normally this Easter week can be quiet however, we are very grateful for everyone’s support and good turn out again and for making it a very enjoyable night with our own great atmosphere.

Pedro 2018

Thanks to Peter , Pedro…and hope to see you again down here at our club.


We had seen John Doherty last year at a big event and immediately said what a great voice and stage presence he had. We were lucky enough to book him into our club for our March event and what a good choice it was.

John Doherty 2018

We had allocated all the tickets that we had available , although some people unfortunately were not able to attend due to this awful flu bug doing the rounds.

John arrived on time and set up quickly with sound checks etc, and he received a big welcome from all of us. Opening his first set with Ain’t just a southern thing he then sang, baby I’m right, first fool in line, heaven in my woman’s eyes, big blue tree and there’s no getting over you.

John Doherty 2018

Super first set and with two further sets following some d.j. tracks, John went on to cover little yellow blanket, rosa del mar, love her for a while and dance her home.

We have already received many comments on how much people enjoyed the evening, to us, that is down to a really polished act with John and the atmosphere and attitude we have from our very loyal people…We do, as always, very much appreciate that.

John Doherty 2018

If you have not seen John Doherty, then do try to, you will not be disappointed.

CLICK to see Video Clips of John's Performance


Our second event for 2018 was a welcome back for Steve Jay.

Steve Jay 2018

Although a cold night we were very pleased to see so many people coming along to enjoy another evening at the club.

Steve opened his first set with ribbon of highway and followed up with good selection of popular songs which included Alan Jackson’s it must be love, lay low, baby I’m right and Memphis love. Steve likes to interact with the dancers and keeps a good rapport with the audience.

Steve Jay 2018

We have both partner and line dancers as well as people who just like to listen and during the set breaks we play a number of tracks. One which really went down well was for the partner dance to Don Williams, imagine that, lovely track and nice dance.

Steve continued with two more sets covering some nice numbers including old and grey, places, honky tonk life and missing.

Steve Jay 2018

We did ask Steve to do two encores which were here comes my baby and finishing with just a memory.

A very good evening and thank you Steve for your entertainment.

Would also like to really thank everyone again who supports us here and keeps the club going, many people travel a long way and on these winter nights we both very much appreciate that..

Our next event with John Docherty on March 9th is now sold out and entry is only by tickets already distributed.


A second visit back within 12 months for the very popular Tony Crooks here at our club. Tony was well received last time and our expectations were not disappointed as he gave us a great night. As so many people mentioned to us, it was the perfect evening .

Tony Crooks 2018

All ready to start on time for the first set, Tony opened with billy be bad, followed with missing, heaven in my woman’s eyes, guitars and cadillac’s and Alan Jackson’s so you don’t have to love me anymore.

Tony Crooks 2018

Tony came across very clear on vocals and as usual his guitar work was super. After a short D.J. session, Tony returned for two further sets and included a really good mix of popular songs we could all line or partner dance to. Really pleased he included his own song, blue, blue memory and some other songs were, some town somewhere, messed up in Memphis, meand my girl and the perfect picture.

Tony was really appreciated by everyone and was cheered into two encores, this is me missing you and finally lonely drum.

Tony Crooks 2018

We would like to thank everyone for their floor etiquette as whilst we do not have the largest floor, we do like to support both line and partner dancing.

Thank you to everyone for your support and also for those who made their first visit to us. Tony said he would like to come back again and we would welcome that, so we will definitely be making a further booking.