MARTIN JAYE November 15th

With the weather pretty awful to say the least, on this November evening what a pleasure it was to welcome Martin Jaye to our club for a second time.

Martin Jaye 2019

Martin had arrived well in time and was fully set up on the stage and ready to start his 3 sets.We had a wonderful turn out with all our loyal dancers coming along and also had some visitors; Jane and Peter who arrived as a total surprise to Martin, they had travelled from Aldershot to see him as it was Peter’s birthday

Martin covered many songs from his excellent playlist, all of which were floor fillers and in our clubs opinion, all the right ones…

Martin Jaye 2019

Heaven in my woman’s eyes, Mr lonely, Bonaparte’s retreat, High class lady and Imagine that. This was a really good night, with a super atmosphere from start till finish and a really polished performance from Martin who everyone enjoyed.

We held a raffle for Children in need with a total collection of £200. Our thanks to everyone for their donations.

Martin Jaye 2019

Nobody wanted Martin to leave the stage and we don’t think Martin did either…he covered three encores, Memories are made of this, Thank you and finally Places I’ve never been.

A real super night to remember, thanks to Martin for making it a great evening and thank you to everyone who makes the club what it is….

TONY CROOKS October 18th

Very pleased to welcome Tony Crooks back to our club as he is so very popular and well liked. Think this is his 4th time here at Western Lines and as usual, all set up on stage and ready to go well ahead of time.

Tony Crooks 2019

Tony opened with Billy be bad followed with Missing and other songs such as Heaven in my woman’s eyes, Love her for while and Thank you.

After a short break Tony returned and in the second and final set covered up to date songs including Midlands Mr Lonely and Keith Urban’s Texas time. Everyone who could stayed on the floor until the very end and with Tony doing two encores we enjoyed Whisky bridges and finally Memories are made of this.

Tony Crooks 2019

Again we are very grateful for the support we have at the club and very happy to welcome some new people to our club. Big thank you for a thoroughly super night Tony and we will see you back again with us next year.


Second visit for Ray Peters duo here in Highcliffe. Both Ray and Andy soon got set up and Ray selected his playlist for the three sets they would cover for us.

Ray Peters Duoe 2019

RAY PETERS DUO (Agency Photo)

Somewhat down on numbers, with another local event also for this Friday night along with the Wimbledon tennis, holidays and a pretty warm night it probably explained why we were missing some people. However, with air conditioning now up and running again in the club hall and with dancers able to cover virtually every song sung by Ray and Andy we had a really enjoyable evening.

Ray opened with Missing and then Alan Jackson’s Talk is cheap, the first set closed with Codigo, which has proved to be a very popular track. Very impressed with how up to date Ray is with latest songs for our dancers and they included a good variety of songs older and newer for those who are happy to listen.

Ray and Andy followed one song after another with little time spent chatting, allowing them to cover their full playlist. With two encores to finish we danced our last dance to Champagne promise.

Thank you Ray and Andy for another professional performance which we all enjoyed and thanks once again to everyone’s support on Friday night.Our next event will be on September 13th with Cheyenne…


Super, enjoyable , right choice of songs and a very happy stage performance with Daniel Berry making his 5th return appearance here at WesternLines.

Daniel Berry 2019

Very good support from all our regular dancers and listeners and a nice welcome to Alan and Susan who made a visit whilst on holiday down here.

Daniel, as so many people know, has energy galore, straight in and set up with his sound check in no time at all. Opening with Toby Keith’s You can’t read my mind and following this Lonely drum, High class lady and Whiskey bridges to name just a few in his first set.

Daniel Berry 2019

Kicking right back in with two more sets Daniel covered Some girls will, Love her for a while, The fireman and Texas time.

Everyone managed so well with a full floor throughout the evening with combined line and partner dancing. Nobody wanted the evening to end however Daniel covered two encores and would have done more if time had allowed it.

Daniel Berry 2019

Thank you Daniel for a really good night, always a popular artist at our club and you deserve a lot of credit for your consistently good performance.

We would like to see Daniel back again if we possibly can. Once again our thanks to everyone for your support and ensuring the club remains a favourite for not just our artists but for everyone.


Such energy and that’s what we really like about Texas Tornados. Excellent music skills, good music but the energy is what sets them apart from most of the others. Real entertainment from the Cockney Cowboy. They suited the venue a treat and seemed to enjoy the evening which really helps everyone get in the mood.

Texas Tornados 2019

Yes, the first visit to Western Lines for Pete and Stuart and was well worth the wait.

Although slightly down on numbers, due to holidays mainly, we had a super evening with a great selection of songs which included; Down to the honky tonk, Most people are good, There’s no getting over me and the Cowboy rides away.

Texas Tornados 2019

Along with a medley of a few 60’s songs for something different and Thank you which is of course Gary Perkins song.

Hopefully not too long before we can see a return visit and a big thank you to Pete and Stuart for the great evening.

Texas Tornados 2019

We had several people again travelling a long distance to come to the evening and a welcome to Charlotte and Peter who had made their first, but hopefully not their last, visit to our club.

Many thanks for everyone’s support.


First visit to Western Lines for Roots and Wings, Mike and Kelly, who arrived well in time and set up very quickly on stage where they received a very warm welcome from everyone.

Roots And Wings 2019

Straight into first of three well thought out sets which included up to date country songs to please our dancers as well as including many good well established tracks such as Except for Monday sung beautifully by Kelly.

Roots And Wings 2019

Kelly has a very good voice and comes across very clearly with one song leading into the next without delay.

Some of the songs covered were, Imagine that, Love her for a while, Texas time, Where corn don’t grow and especially for Rachel’s birthday, Down on your uppers.

Roots And Wings 2019

Another very enjoyable evening witha very good performance from Roots and Wings. If you have not had a chance to see Kelly and Mike, then we would recommend maybe you do.

Roots And Wings 2019

With two encores finishing with Countryholic, the time had run out all too soon.

Our thanks to our helpers and everyone who continues to support the club, we both really do appreciate that.


Chris Mezza 2019

Another really enjoyable evening with the return visit of Chris Mezza.Last year Chris played at our club and he was very well liked and many people asked to see him again. We certainly did the right by inviting Chris back as we all enjoyed everything Chris sang for us.

When we arrived Chris had already set up and all checks done, opening his first set with Lay low and then including Champagne promise, Countryholic and George Strait’s Codigo.

Chris Mezza 2019

With Chris being a very good and experienced musician, adding in so many new songs and still including good old favourites, it kept the floor full with dancing and everyone well entertained all evening.With two encores to finish we finally danced and listened to Thank you.

Chris Mezza 2019

Thanks again Chris for your professional performance and to everyone for supporting us at the club and for creating such a super atmosphere.

We both very much appreciate that and look forward to seeing you again soon.


Really pleased to be able to welcome Derek “Magill” Darby back to our club as he is so vering with a very sensible selection of both old and newer songs including, Memories are made of this, Closer, Here comes my baby, Missing and Galway girl.

Magill 2019

With plenty of music ty well liked and popular. We had a good attendance and super atmosphere throughout the eveno dance or listen to between Derek’s sets the floor remained full for all the time.

Derek also sung Blanket on the ground, a well enjoyed medley of older songs including Jambalaya and She be coming round the mountain.With up to date songs such as Texas time, Start over and High class lady the evening soon run into 2 big encores.

Magill 2019

Derek finally finished with Same thing happened to me. We have been fortunate to have seen Derek perform over many years and well remember Magill at big events held in Blackpool and at the Yorkshire show ground some 20 years ago or so.

Magill 2019

Thank you Derek for another super evening of first class singing and enjoyment. Hope we can see you again with another visit to us in the near future.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

STREAMLINE 11th January

Another visit to our club for Paul and Debbie Weston as Streamline.

Streamline 2019

Very pleased to welcome Streamline back and they are well liked for both their vocals and instrumental performance. Streamline all set up and ready to start on time opening with Billy be bad following up with First fool in line, (There’s) no getting over me, Heaven in my woman’s eyes and You don’t have to love me anymore.

Streamline 2019

As usual we both appreciate the journeys many people make to support the club, although quite a few people were not able to attend this evening due to the coughs, colds and flu that have an annual habit of visiting so many of us. Despite this we all enjoyed the selection of tracks Debbie and Paul covered and included in the next two sets were, This is me, Start over, Love her for a while and Loved too much, a track we had not heard for some while.

Streamline 2019

Paul and Debbie were asked to do two encores which time just allowed, they sang Country down to my soul and finally Remember when.

Really enjoyable evening, thank you Streamline and to everyone for making it a good event.